Jens-Christian Holm has published two children’s books (read more in the following) and is writing on the third title of the series which is expected to be published in 2017.​

Det lille Egern​

by Jens Christian Holm

  • Language: Dansk
  • ISBN-13: 9788799011605
  • No. of pages: 104




”Det lille Egern” is a warm and loving fairy tale that focuses on familial closeness within a squirrel family through it’s ups and downs in the great forest. It is primarily written as a reading fairy tale for parents and their children aged 5 to 10 years. It is a classic fairy tale with a lively language that deals with love, children, parenting, adventures and close ties between three generations. It contains many descriptions of the nature surrounding the squirrels and it ends in a finale of drama and suspense. “Det lille Egern” is the fictional debut of paediatrician Jens-Christian Holm. The watercolour paintings on the cover and within the book as well as the text of the song ”De kære Små” are also made by Jens-Christian Holm. The song was written by Jørgen Emborg and the song that can be heard on the book's website is sung by the author's daughter Marie-Elisabeth Raben Holm. “Det lille Egern” has been test red aloud for several school classes.

Det store Vand​

- heksens forbandelse & kongebørnenes landflygtighed by Jens Christian Holm​

  • Language: Dansk
  • ISBN-13: 9788799011612
  • No. of pages: 140





“Det store Vand – Heksens Forbandelse og Kongebørnenes Landflygtighed” is a new poetic children's book, which is about a royal squirrel family that lives in peace and harmony, but suddenly the family is threatened by thieves concurrent with the appearance of an evil witch and her dark army who wants to take over the kingdom. The squirrels must be brave and unite to stand in against the dark forces and protect all who matters the most.

The book is suitable for both individual reading for the older children as well as reading for the younger ones.

“Det store Vand – Heksens Forbandelse og Kongebørnenes Landflygtighed” is an successor to the children's book ”Det lille Egern”, the first children’s book written by paediatrician Jens-Christian Holm.

The press wrote about "Det lille Egern";

To demonstrate, the author himself illustrates the book with a number of large 'childish' watercolours. They are also contrary to the spirit of the time by being fully correct in both selection of colours and figure drawing. So, the illustrations pleasantly match the story’s honest and friendly tone. A book such as “Det Lille Egern” could have been published one hundred years ago. And I wonder if it could still be published (again) in a hundred years?

- Steffen Larsen Politiken​

Love conquers all (...) By using a squirrel family as a metaphor, the book explains in a child's level the basic conditions of a person's life. You are born, grow up, leave home, start a family - and die. That’s the way it is (...) In places the book can be compared to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's book The Little Prince, while other passages are more Winnie-the-Pooh-like.

- Esther Ahlstrøm, Bornholms Tidende​

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