Jens-Christian Holm is an inspiring, energetic and eye-opening lecturer with a great knowledge in regards to children, nutrition, well-being and upbringing. Jens-Christian Holm has instituted a childhood obesity treatment clinic which in the recent years has demonstrated some of the best treatment results in the world and which at the moment is spreading to other departments of Pediatrics and municipalities all across Denmark.

The treatment model is based on the understanding and recognition of obesity as a chronic disease, on the understanding of obesity as being regulated by an extremely effective hormone system that seeks to maintain the fat mass of the body, and on a fundamentally new health pedagogy. In 2014, 8 municipalities showed that their clinics reported weight reductions in 80% of obese children while Department of Pediatrics in Hillerød in 2015 showed that 75 % of their obese patients reduced their degree of obesity which shows that the health pedagogy is working. Jens-Christian Holm is frequently quoted in the media and has appeared in several television programs (for instance “Generation XL” on DR1 and “Fedt, Fup og Flæskesteg” on DR2).

Jens-Christian Holm has published professional chapters in regards to topics related to childhood obesity as well as two children’s books (“Det lille Egern” and “De Store Vand”) aside from several scientific publications regarding weight regulation, childhood obesity treatment and childhood obesity complications (hypertension, fatty liver, dyslipidemia, prediabetes and more). Furthermore, he is co-chair of the European Childhood Obesity Task Force established by EASO as well as the Danish committee of childhood obesity established by the collaboration of Danish Pediatricians. Jens-Christian Holm easily presents these perspectives in more general terms which are accessible to all, especially due to the fact that the consequences and these thoughts are relevant to the majority of people.

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Scheduled training courses

Course 1 -  29th - 30th of August 2017

Course 1 - 24th - 25th of October 2017

Course 1 - 30th - 31th of January 2018

Course 2 -  7th - 8th of November 2017

Course 2 - 13th - 14th of March 2018

Course 3 - 5th - 6th of December 2017

Course 3 - 5th - 6th of June 2018

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