Jens-Christian Holm offers training courses in childhood obesity treatment. The training courses are an introduction to and an empowerment of the pedagogy, which with a low investment in health professional time, spent per year, has resulted in weight loss among 75-90% of obese children and adolescents. The key to the effective treatment which spends relatively few hours of health professional time is mainly manifested through a direct and effective communication, which all at once communicates the severity of the condition and its related issues, but at the same time manages to take care of issues that often challenges clinicians.

We arrange specific training courses in English which can be individually tailored to your demands. In the following you can see the standard topics for our courses held in Danish.

Course 1: Introduction course. Definition and prevalence of childhood obesity. Weight regulation. Obesity related complications. The treatment protocol. The pedagogy.

Course 2: Follow-up course. Prospects for the course of treatment. Body composition. Treatment adjustment. Relapse. Drop-out. Normalization. Ending of treatment. Ethics. Direct and Indirect Treatment Effects. Stereotypes. Suffering.

Course 3: Second follow-up course. Sensitization. Empathy. Communication flow. Authenticity. Self-identification. Challenges and Beliefs. Resistance to Treatment. Perspective. The Paradigm Shift.

Jens-Christian Holm’s method for the treatment of obese children is a paradigm shift. The paradigm shift is demonstrated by the relative difficulty that appears for health professionals when they are learning to practice the method, which clarifies the importance and necessity of Jens-Christian Holm’s courses.

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Overall ratings of the completion of 8 Danish training courses (1-5 in which 5 is the best)

Jens-Christian Holm: 4.71

Rikke Melskens: 4.54

Remarks of participants from all 3 courses

More remarks

"I think it has been interesting and useful. It's nice to feel that you have something in reserve that is easy of access and made understandable. There was new information that made my understanding of the struggles of the obese children and their families much better.

I feel prepared for the "practical" work and it has given me the desire to help the children and their families. It has made me think about my own role as a health professional and the importance of authenticity.”​

I have gained so much new knowledge, and so much has fallen into place and it makes perfect sense. Can not wait to come home and share the new knowledge.

Sidsel Hartkopp, Health Visitor, Municipality of Køge, Course 1, May 2015

​”Perfect combination of theory and practice due to the varying flow between interviews and the switching between Rikke and Jens-Christian. Thanks for the insight and enriching knowledge and experience and the honest sharing of all your knowledge and experienceChristina S. Olrik, Dietician, Municipality of Rødovre, Course 1, September 2015

Great drive and energetic impact from both teachers.Susanne Langberg, Health Visitor, Municipality of Aabenraa, Course 1,September 2015

Agree that it is a paradigm shift - a very welcome paradigm shift.Merete Holm, Health Visitor, Municipality of Hvidovre, Course 1, September 2015

"I think in every way that the course is well planned, informative and provides good understanding of obesity as a chronic disease. Jens-Christian and Rikke complement each other very well, even when it sometimes gets a little hasty due to everything that need to be said. It's very good that you see two interviews. Then it is so much easier to understand what it is that you are doingAnnemette Christensen, Health Visitor, Municipality of Greve, Course 1, September 2015

Nice to get a boost of your energy and experience! Good and competent answers and explanations.Anders Ring, Health Adviser, Municipality of Mariagerfjord, Course 2, April 2015

Good to feel your spirit and become infected by it.

Anita Aagaard Andersen, School Nurse, Municipality of Tønder, Course 1, May 2015

A very educational and informative course. Very professional and rigorous management - lovely. Glad that no time was wasted, but we went straight to the point!

Anders Ring, Health Adviser, Municipality of Mariagerfjord

I have really changed my understanding of obesity and the treatment of it. It has been a very rewarding course. Super great with the interviews of the families. It has provided a good basis of getting started with the method.Lone Dam Pedersen, Health Visitor, Municipality of Silkeborg, Course 1, September 2015

A very inspiring course, highly relevant in the work with the overweight families. The paradigm shift is shown to be the word that has stuck inside me. Looking forward to work in this field.

Line Egebjærg, Health Visitor, Municipality of Lyngby-Taarbæk, Course 1, September 2015

"To be involved in the understanding of a paradigm shift offers a hope for all overweight. The interviews were very practical and super useful. More of thoseHelle Nielsen, Health Visitor, Municipality of Greve, Course 1, September 2015

I immediately want to implement the method in my own municipalityHelle Enevoldsen, Health Visitor, Municipality of Aabenraa, Course 1,September 2015

Scheduled training courses

Course 1 -  29th - 30th of August 2017

Course 1 - 24th - 25th of October 2017

Course 1 - 30th - 31th of January 2018

Course 2 -  7th - 8th of November 2017

Course 2 - 13th - 14th of March 2018

Course 3 - 5th - 6th of December 2017

Course 3 - 5th - 6th of June 2018

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