​You are hereby invited to participate in the training courses on the method of childhood obesity treatment, developed by Consultant in Pediatrics’ Jens-Christian Holm. The standard training courses held in Danish are divided into three separate courses where Course 1 is an introductory course, Course 2 is a follow-up course, while Course 3 is an immersion course.

The training courses are structured in a way where we anticipate, that the participants after Course 1 can commence childhood obesity treatment and apply the method and its associated materials. After a period in which the participants gain their own experiences, there is an opportunity to participate in the follow-up course, Course 2, which among other things deals with the treatment adjustment, body composition, normalisation and end of treatment, including drop-out. Lastly, Course 3 is a contemplation course that focuses on the paradigm shift with comprehensive impact on daily clinical practice.

All training courses are held by Consultant in Pediatrics’ Jens-Christian Holm and Nurse Rikke Melskens, who in the recent years have developed treatment groups in different municipalities (the primary care sector) all across Denmark.

The courses are highly relevant; first, childhood obesity is a rapidly growing problem worldwide, second, the American Medical Association declared obesity as a disease June 18, 2013, and third, the method has led to reductions in the degree of obesity among 70-90 % of obese children and adolescents treated at childhood obesity clinics at either two different Department of Pediatrics’ (Holbæk and Hillerød) or at primary care clinics all around Denmark (read more about these results at the page “Obesity”).

All courses are held as 2-day courses which provide a broad insight into the understanding of the situation of obese children, including the basis for an effective treatment approach. The method breaks away from the common pedagogy usually practised in a childhood obesity treatment setting, especially those offered in Denmark. Jens-Christian Holm's method has shown outstanding results in terms of both weight loss and weight maintenance, but also in terms of reduction in the incidence of obesity-related complications, which currently inspires internationally and has been featured on BBC World (November 8th, 2014).

The training courses can be used both as a starting course for health care providers (doctors, nurses, dieticians etc.) who have not previously been dealing with childhood obesity treatment, but is also relevant for experienced therapists in order to refine their current approach of childhood obesity treatment. The courses usually start with a demonstration of the method in practice, followed by a review of the theoretical background. This gives the participants a unique opportunity to be able to relate theory into practice.

At the moment, the next training courses will be held on the following dates:

Course 1 -  29th - 30th of August 2017

Course 1 -  24th - 25th of October 2017

Course 2 -  21th - 22th of November 2017

Course 3 -  5th - 6th of December 2017

Course 1 - 30th -31th of January 2018

Course 2 - 13th -14th of March 2018

Brush-up course - 11th of April 2018

Course 3 - 5th - 6th of June 2018

The Danish courses are held at a minimum of 16 participants, but individual arrangements can be arranged. If you want to take a look at the standard training course agenda, please go to the page “Timetable” under the page “Training Courses”.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us by either email or phone (contact information are available on the page “Contact”).

Best wishes,

Jens-Christian Holm, MD, Associate Professor, PhD, Consultant in Pediatrics

Rikke Melskens, Nurse in Pediatrics, Project Assistant

Scheduled training courses

Course 1 -  29th - 30th of August 2017

Course 1 - 24th - 25th of October 2017

Course 1 - 30th - 31th of January 2018

Course 2 -  7th - 8th of November 2017

Course 2 - 13th - 14th of March 2018

Course 3 - 5th - 6th of December 2017

Course 3 - 5th - 6th of June 2018

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