Health check and health examinations of employees

Dr Holm Health offers preventive services to improve health of your employees with the focus on obesity and its complications. The examination and investigations give the individual employee a detailed insight in own health and there is provided care to increase and improve energy, thriving, quality of life and health.

Initially, we offer a lecture for everybody at your company who are interested in an introduction to health, thriving, and obesity and its related complications. In this introduction, we are able to give the listener an idea on how to increase health and reduce obesity and its complications, which overall will provide a healthier life.

Our team of experienced health care professionals will make individual health checks and or individual health examinations in safe, professional and if needed/demanded anonymous settings.

Based on the health check and or examinations we provide an overall health evaluation of every employee. If wished for, we can also provide an individualised treatment plan with emphasis on the wishes, hopes and expectations of the employee.​

The examinations have a direct focus to increase the employees' health, which will be related to quality of life, thriving, health and therefore how much the employee is attending the work place. A report with anonymous data will be given to the company that will summarise the level of health among their employees. This will provide an insight of the company current health status and adjacent challenges and can be seen as a starting point for a targeted health strategy in your company.

All health checks and examinations will be organised within your company but can be arranged at our facility if needed.

Also, weight loss courses and access to

We can extend our services with weight loss seminars and follow-up seminars, dependent on the individual need of the employee. The weight loss seminar is held over 1 day and provides a broad and detailed insights of obesity. The weight loss seminar also provides an efficient and individualised treatment plan that enables the person to take care of their health. The follow-up seminar focusses on the individual challenges in the treatment plan.

Read more about the weight loss and follow-up seminars here.

Further, access to DrHolmApp is offered, which is an online platform that strengthens the employees' path towards increased health and better thriving. The DrHolmApp also provide an individualised treatment plan, library and support functions. ​

Go to DrHolmApp here.

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