Health Services

Basic Health check

​The employee receives a detailed insight in regards to personal health with a focus on obesity and its related complications. The health check takes body weight, BMI, body composition, blood pressure, cholesterols, and blood sugar into consideration. A comprehensive questionnaire details the lifestyle of the employee so that we gain knowledge of all practical and important issues, that may exert influences on health. ​


This information is the basis for the following conversation, which focus on knowledge based advices that will increase the health and energy of the employee in an atmosphere of service and care. Each employee receives an individual report with information, health status, and advices.​

Health examination

The health check consists of the elements in the basic healthcheck, but also offer investigations for lung function, heart funtion (ECG), and a blood sample. These investigations provide a better understanding of health status of the employee.

​The provided information also paves the way for the communication with the ​employee in regards to lifestyle and how make choices that counter challenges and increase health. The employee receives an individual report containing health data and advices to provide the best possible life.​

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