DrHolmApp is a website that works in the same way as an app. Here you can draw a subscription. Through a number of questions, based on our clinical experience and knowledges,  an induvidualized treatment plan will be customised for the user. This treatment plan takes into account which things you need to change in your daily life and what you should do to replace them.

​In addition to the treatment plan, you also get access to:

  • ​Our library, where you can learn more about how the body defends the fat mass. The library also contains a number of video clips, where several of the topics like activity, food and more is explained.
  • Recommendations for food, meals, activity, sleep etc.
  • Diary, where you can keep track of e.g. how much exercise you have done, how much green, fruit, sweets, fast food, sweet drinks etc. you have consumed

  • Follow your development, where you can see results within a number of areas such as physical activity.

  • Guide to healthy recipes.

  • Inspiration for physical activity.

  • Frequently asked questions.

  • Purchasing guide that tells you what and how much your food should contain from sugar, fat and dietary fiber.

  • Online support function where you can ask us questions via e-mail - respons within 2-3 business days.

​Go to the Danish DrHolmApp


Our English version of DrHolmApp is on its way!

We expect the English version to be ready by August 2019.​​


​3 months: € 69,-  (23,00 euro / month)

12 months: € 199,- (16,58 euro / month)

24 months: € 269,- (11,21 euro / month)


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