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You are hereby invited to a weight loss course, developed by Associate Professor, Chief Physician, Paediatrician, PhD Jens-Christian Holm known as Dr Holm. The Dr Holm model is a paradigm shift for the treatment of obesity and has created outstanding results and achieved international attention.


The weight loss course is offered to individuals with obesity and focus on how obesity should be understood and how to tackle and treat it. The course is also relevant to relatives to individuals with obesity who can benefit with a perspective on to how to handle obesity.

The course, which is held over one day, gives you a broad, but deep understanding of obesity. The course changes your basic understanding of obesity, gives you an effective and individualized treatment plan, that best suits you your demands and challenges which enables you to master and control your environment and obesity. This gives you a perspective to understand how you can obtain a lasting weight loss. In addition, the course is accompanied with 3 months subscription to DrHolmApp.com.


The course is organized and lead by either Associate Professor, Chief Physician, Paediatrician, PhD Jens-Christian Holm or MD PhD Cilius E. Fonvig, both of whom have extensive experience in daily clinical practice with children, youth and adults with obesity, as well as have taught and trained obesity therapists over a number of years.


The Dr Holm model is evidence-based and has produced a large number of scientific articles published in internationally recognized journals. The method has proven to be effective where 65-85% of patients reduce their degree of obesity as well as obesity-related complications such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and liver fat, as well as improved body composition. Parents of the patients also reduce their degree of obesity when the families are in treatment. Further, quality of life and body self-esteem were also improved. The treatment results in the Dr Holm model are independent on socioeconomic class, degree of obesity and 15 commonly occurring gene mutations known to associate with the development of obesity.


Weight loss courses: The course is a paradigm shift in the understanding and treatment of obesity in children, youth and adults. At the course you will receive an individual tailored treatment plan, which is accompanied by a 3-month subscription to DrHolmApp.com​.

Weight loss follow-up course: The course is a follow-up course for those who have attended a weight loss course. The course focus on your individual challenges you have met during treatment in daily life.

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All courses are held between 9.00 am to 3.30 pm.


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  • It is not possible to have a refund within 30 days before the planned course. If there is more than 7 days before the planned course, a reservation can be changed to another course.
  • If a change of course date is made less than 7 days before the planned course a change to another course can be made for a fee of 75 €.

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