Obesity in an enlightened, caring, new and efficient perspective

It is crucial to understand how the body actively maintain and preserve fat mass. 

The treatment model developed by Dr Holm.

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Dr Holm​, lecturer, advocate and visionary

The New Obesity Paradigm

Dr Holm represents a paradigm shift in regards to how to understand obesity through his professional knowledge and insight. The obesity paradigm shift is based on; 1. that obesity is understood as a chronic disease, 2. that the fat mass is regulated by an ingenious hormonal system with a primary aim to preserve fat mass, and 3. an innovative new public health pedagogy which in itself represents a paradigm shift in health communication.

Dr Holm has developed a treatment protocol for patients with obesity, which is based on a pedagogy that has created outstanding results and where key words are knowledge, quality, authenticity, understanding, dignity, empathy and good service.

The treatment strategy requires only 5 hours of health professional time spent per patient per year. With this effort 65-85% of the patients reduce their degree of obesity in both primary and secondary care sectors, the parents of the children also reduced their degree of obesity, accompanied by reductions in elevated blood pressure, cholesterols, ectopic fat, appetite and bullying, as well as improvements in quality of life and body self esteem.

Obesity is a chronic disease

Fundamentally, obesity needs to be understood as a chronic disease as has already been declared by WHO in 1948, the American Medical Association in 2013, and the Canadian Medical Association in 2015. A chronic disease in which the body sustains its fat mass actively through an extremely elegant hormone regulatory system which has existed for hundreds of millions of years, and a chronic disease that is associated with more than 25 serious medical and psychological complications and 25 cancers in later adult life, which in different ways, increases morbidity, reduces life expectancy and in many ways, affects millions of lives negatively all over the globe.

Our values are based on a vision to offer a service that is caring and efficient in the treatment of obesity in children, adolescents and adults. We owe the patients to understand what obesity really is from a medical and scientific perspective and offer treatment that promote health and makes a difference so that patients can live their lives in a world where stigma, shame and lack of motivation are not relevant.​

Through communication and project development, Dr Holm is dedicated to activities including research and charity that can improve the well-being and health of children, adolescents, and adults.

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