The HOLBAEK model is timely care

It is crucial to understand how the body actively preserves fat mass. 

The Holbaek-model is timely care for patients living with obesity and includes education for healthcare professionals. 

The Holbaek-model is known for reducing guilt, shame and self-blame and was developed by head consultant, paediatrician, Ph.D. and international expert Jens-Christian Holm.

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Best National Training Program in Europe 2022 according to The European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) and The European Coalition for People Living with Obesity (ECPO)

Jens-Christian Holm established the Children’s Obesity Clinic at the Department of Paediatrics in Holbæk in 2007. The Clinic was accredited as a European Center for the Treatment of Children and Adolescents with Obesity in 2014.

Since then, up to 5,000 children and young people have received systematic treatment for obesity and its complications, documented in more than 32 international peer-reviewed scientific articles.

The Clinic received the Region Zealand's Health Prize - Denmark's largest health prize - in 2009.

Jens-Christian Holm established The HOLBAEK Study (formerly The Danish Biobank for overweight children and adolescents) in collaboration with Professor Torben Hansen in 2009. Since then, more than 25 PhD students and over 35 research year students have been associated and published more than 100 peer-reviewed international articles that have documented a large number of important findings that have helped to optimize both the understanding and treatment of obesity.

Jens-Christian Holm developed the HOLBAEK-model, which has demonstrated convincing treatment results for obesity and its complications. The HOLBAEK-model has gained international reputation and has spread to more than 80 municipalities in Denmark and to other countries.

The HOLBAEK-model reduces the degree of obesity in more than 75% of patients and simultaneously reduces high blood pressure and cholesterols, fatty liver, sleep apnea, appetite and degree of bullying.

At the same time, it improves quality of life, mood and body image.

Independent of social class, disordered eating and a genetic risk score for obesity.

An average of 4.5 hours per patient per year of healthcare professional time is used.

See our evidence.

The Holbæk model is a significant paradigm shift, especially in terms of motivation, small steps, and calorie restriction.

See more about the Holbæk model on this page.

It is not about motivation, but instead about a genetic vulnerability for most people which means that the body actively preserves the fat mass, and the healthcare professional must therefore offer the best possible treatment.

It is not about a few or small steps, but instead it is crucial to understand that the fat mass is being defended so instead you must do as many things as possible.

It is not about calorie restriction, especially not in children and young people through growth and development!

In adults, it is also extremely unfortunate, as it triggers subsequent overeating, which can only be experienced as a defeat for the patient.

The Holbæk model instead uses relative satiety with the principle of ad libitum intake.

The HOLBAEK-model is the basis for Danish paediatric recommendations for the treatment of children and adolescents with overweight and obesity.

Jens-Christian Holm established Dr Holm in 2014, which offers both education to healthcare professionals and treatment of obesity, which are supported by evidence-based digital solutions.

The education and digital service has just been awarded the prize as Best National Training Program in Europe in 2022.

The programs are available in Danish, English, Norwegian and Arabic.


"Before the start of the seminar I was skeptical, now I can't even remember why!​ 3 x 2 seminar days, where there has not been a single indifferent moment".


"Roughly speaking, the seminar goes against everything I am trained and educated in, in the meeting with the patient - in a good way! It set many thoughts and reflections in motion and I am looking forward to getting started with the work with the HOLBAEK-model" .


Learn to speak with patients, where you can both talk about what is difficult and at the same time reduce guilt, shame, and self-blame.


"It makes so much sense, suddenly everything about obesity is much clearer. Finally, a method that is understandable and that is clear and distinct and will therefore be much easier to use compared to previous methods. Thank you".

The textbook "The Best for the Child – The fight against obesity" received 6 out of 6 stars by Health Political Journal.

Extract from the review:

"When 'For the Child's Sake' gets 6 stars, it is not only because it is a strong and courageous attempt to correct what he believes to be a widespread incorrect lack of understanding of the obese person's own responsibility towards the hormonal regulation of the fat mass using of the hormone Leptin. But also because Jens-Christian Holm has managed to write a book that is solidly medically documented - at the same time that it can also be used by the obese themselves, who are explained in an excellent pedagogical way why it is so difficult for them to get rid of the extra kilos again - as well as what they have to do so that they can still achieve a more permanent weight loss.”

Obesity Treatment Tool Pro

​"After using the Obesity Treatment Tool Pro for the last year in our clinic, many of the needs have been met. The individual treatment plans are today of a higher quality and are more standardized than before. We also see that employees who use Obesity Treatment Tool Pro often spend less time on consultations and need fewer consultations than before".

Dr Holm Klinikken

​“Jens-Christian Holm, as an adult I have frequented you and your team at the Dr Holm Clinic. I came for treatment and have now had a total weight loss of 55 kilos. This without the use of medications. For me, it has been the best help I have ever received in relation to my overweight. I am very grateful to have been able to consult a doctor who listened and understood my illness ​😀”

Dr Holm Clinic

"I would like to thank you for my 1st consultation with Jens-Christian. As you have no doubt heard about several times, it is so important for a person with overweight to FINALLY be assessed/seen in the right light - taken seriously. Apart from defining severe obesity as a chronic disorder, I especially took 2 other things home with me:

Jens-Christian, you take responsibility if I 'just' follow the plan.

With 2 other chronic conditions = challenges, it was also possible for me to draw up a realistic plan.… .”.

With the TV documentaries "Generation XL" in 2012 and 2017, Danmarks Radio showed children and young people living with obesity and the challenges that arise through the treatment.

You can watch them on YouTube.

BBC World, perhaps the world's most respected media, has reported on the HOLBAEK-model several times and interviewed Dr Holm.

Watch the videos on this page.

See "Lucas – the boy with the eternal hunger – Can new medications help Lucas with his extreme obesity.

The program can be seen on TV2 Play.

Medication works well for many, but what about afterward? Non-medical treatments like the Holbaek model are crucial. And we have plenty of time for our patients.

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April 2024

Dr Holm​, lecturer, advocate and visionary

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The New Obesity Paradigm​

Dr ​Jens-Christian Holm, with his professional insights, clear vision and sharp attitudes, represents a paradigm shift in the treatment of people living with obesity. 

The HOLBAEK-model is based on 

1.  Severe obesity is a chronic disease

2. The fat mass is actively defended and preserved by an ingenious hormone system 

3. The Children's Convention understood as the Best for the Child

4. A new health pedagogy which in itself is a paradigm shift and doesn't spare patients with thoughts about motivation and calorie restriction


The HOLBAEK-model, which was developed for the treatment of obesity by Head Consultant and Ph.D. Jens-Christian Holm, has produced good results in terms of reducing the degree of obesity and its complications. Keywords such as knowledge, quality, authenticity, understanding, dignity, empathy and good service are essential.


At Dr Holm, we offer professional treatment of obesity with the HOLBAEK-model, which has spread over most of Denmark due to its values, effective results and has been well received by patients and practitioners. We are based in Holbaek, but have also helped many people to a healthier and better life both in Denmark and abroad. 

Not just a diet

​Our values are based on a vision to offer caring and effective treatment for children, adolescents and adults who live with obesity, which is not just a diet. We owe the patients to understand what obesity really is from an informed point of view. In addition, we would like to offer a treatment that promotes health, so that patients can live a life in a world where guilt, stigmatization, shame and lack of motivation are no longer relevant. 

Through dissemination and project development, Jens-Christian Holm is dedicated to any activity that can improve the well-being and health of children, adolescents, and adults. It is time that we prioritize and respect patients who live with obesity. ​

Obesity is a chronic disease

Fundamentally, obesity needs to be understood as a chronic disease as declared by the WHO in 1948, the American Medical Association in 2013, the Canadian Medical Association in 2015 and the European Commission in 2021. The fat mass is defended vigorously by an extremely elegant and powerful hormonal system that has existed for hundred of millions of years. Futhermore, it is important to take the consequences when we know what is Best for the Child.

Obesity carry a high risk of more than 250 serious medical and psychological complications as well as 15 cancers in adulthood. They can in different ways increase morbidity, reduce life expectancy and in many ways invalidate people's lives.​

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