Improves Obesity Management

DrHolmApp has scientifically shown that 72-85% of users reduce the degree of overweight and at the same time increases their quality of life, mood, body image and physical activity. In addition, appetite and bullying are reduced. 

DrHolmApp.com is an online tool that offers you a professional treatment for obesity and its related complications, where most aspects of your life will be taken into account including your challenges, which we meet with online support. DrHolmApp.com is the HOLBAEK-model's digital platform, which is based and developed on the basis of our clinical experience and our evidence base. Through a series of questions about your daily life, you will have a tailor-made treatment plan drawn up that enables you to deal with your overweight and obesity-related challenges such as eating disorders, sugar addiction, pickiness and disturbed appetite regulation.

The long-term treatment plan is based on the fact that we know that the body's hormonal system is actively trying to preserve and defend the fat mass, which means that we focus on the treatment for the rest of your life. We focus on an active life as well as a healthy, nutritious, filling and varied diet which in the long run becomes your own life choices.

In addition to your personal treatment plan, you also get access to:

  • A large library where you can learn more about the body's fat mass regulation. In the library you will also find video clips where several of the topics are explained.

  • Our guidelines for food, meals, physical activity, sleep, etc.

  • Diary where you can record how physically active you have been and how much vegetables, fruits, sweet drinks, snacks, fast food, etc. you have consumed.

  • Follow your development, where you can follow your results.

  • Healthy recipes and inspiration for cooking.

  • Inspiration for physical activity.

  • Frequently asked questions.

  • Shopping guide so you can check your food easily when you are shopping.

  • Online support function where you can ask us questions via email.​


​3 months: £ 75,-  (£ 25,00 / month)

6 months: £ 129,- (£ 21,50 / month)

12 months: £ 198,- (£ 16,50 / month)

DrHolmApp is available in several languages.

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