Who are we?

The Dr Holm group consists of the companies Dr Holm, Dr Holm Health ApS and Dr Holm App ApS. All companies are initiated, owned and lead by Paediatrician, PhD, Consultant Jens-Christian Holm, known as Dr Holm and are located in Holbæk in Denmark.

Dr Holm offer competence development courses for healthcare professionals, private consultations, as well as lectures and books written by Dr Holm. Further, treatment of obesity to individuals with obesity is offered with the online platform DrHolmApp.com and online Obesity Treatment Tool Pro agreements to institutions which can professionalise their treatment of their patients with obesity

The companies have been initiated in the process where demand have been increasing for various products and solutions carrying the insights of the new obesity treatment paradigm that Dr Holm developed at The Children`s Obesity Clinic at Holbæk University Hospital in Denmark. These insights disqualify the notion of motivation and caloric restriction and is thus not just based on a view to eat less and move more. Instead we seek to provide a treatment that is professional where obesity is regarded as a chronic disease that requires treatment that can meet the individual challenges.

The companies have besides Dr Holm regular employees and several other part time employees. We all share the vision to provide a professional service to patients with obesity and obesity related complications and to constantly develop the treatment of obesity worldwide.

​You can read more about our employees here.

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​​Please contact us for more information on our treatment model that provide a life with better health. Call Dr Holm and hear more about The HOLBAEK-model 

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