Jens-Christian Holm​

Jens-Christian Holm (Dr Holm) is a consultant in Paediatrics, PhD, head of research, and clinical and research associate professor.

Jens-Christian Holm initiated and leads The Children`s Obesity Clinic at the Department of Paediatrics at Holbæk University Hospital and The Danish Childhood Obesity Biobank.

Jens-Christian Holm graduated as a medical doctor from Copenhagen University in 1993. Defended the Ph.D thesis entitled ”Physiological regulation of leptin. Changes in levels of leptin and its soluble receptor during weight loss and follow-up in boys and girls” at Copenhagen University in 2003. Graduated as a specialist in Paediatrics in 2007. Established The Children`s Obesity Clinic at the Department of Paediatrics at Holbæk University Hospital in 2007 and The Danish Childhood Obesity Biobank in 2010.

Achieved the position as clinical associate professor at Copenhagen Universty in 2009 and the position as research associate professor at Copenhagen University in 2014. Jens-Christian Holm have developed a new pedagogy and a new treatment model of obesity which has been evaluated in more than 25 peer reviewed international publications. The model have shown reductions in the degree of obesity in 65-85% of patients with the use of 5 health care professional hours per patient per year​ and concomitant reductions in the degree of hypertension, dyslipidemia, steatosis, parental degree of obesity, appetite, bullying, and improvements in quality of life and body self esteem. The treatment have in several studies been found to be independent on social class, degree of obesity, obesity related complications occurring in the relatives of the patient, sugary intales, and independent on the presence of 15 common genes known to associate with obesity.

Head of research, main supervisor for 6 graduated Ph.D. students and for 2 ongoing PhD students. Supervisor for 7 defended PhD students and for 4 ongoing PhD studies. Main supervisor for more than 10 research year medical students.


Invited lectures at many meetings, symposia, conferences, congresses around the world. Regularly cited in public media (weekly/monthly).


The Region Sealand Health Prize 2009. The largest health prize in Denmark
Consultant Hans Ibsens Honors, to strengthen hypertension research, 2010
Haench's Priviledge Donation 2015
First recipient of the Fiery Spirit Prize, Holbæk Hospital 2016


Head of The European Childhood Obesity Task Force (COTF) alongside Jennifer Lyn Baker. Member of the obesity comitte at the Danish Paediatric Society and the board of The Danish Society for Adiposity Research.

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