Our values

Our values are based on a vision to offer a service that is caring and efficient in treating and preventing obesity in children, adolescents and adults. We owe the patients to understand what obesity really is from a medical and scientific perspective and to offer treatment that promotes health and makes a difference so that patients can live their lives in a world where stigma, shame and lack of motivation are not essential in an effective treatment of obesity.


It is crucial for us to be authentic. Authentic in relation to reality, that obesity is a disease and that the fat mass is regulated by a highly sophisticated and elegant hormonal neuroendocrine system that is very efficient in order to actively preserve and defend the fat mass. This fat-mass-preserving system is, however, very frustrating for the patient seeking to obtain a weight loss. We are therefore being authentic by offering a professional service that is not distracted by feel-good healthcare professional presumptions, which may become a barrier itself, in the optimal course of obesity treatment.


Our foundation rest on scientific evaluations in internatioanl peer reviewed scientific journals. We have developed an evidence-based model aimed at treating obesity and its complications. It is essential to understand that obesity is a chronic disease, that fat mass is actively being preserved, and - as a healthcare professional - to master this new health pedagogy that encorporate these insights. It is not just a question of motivation or just to eat less and move more. Our evidence base and professionalism is the reason why one as a patient can feel safe and identify with our values and messages.

Be humble

As in all healthcare, it is pivotal to be humble and interact in true empathy. We understand that the healthcare professional does not know the individual challenges of patients; that we do not know the genes, the gut microbial composition nor the psychosocial challenges when we meet the patients for the first time. The causes of obesity are multiple and often complex and need a thorough and meticulous attention in order to provide the service and treatment as a healthcare professional.​


Everybody is entitled to a professional and efficient healthcare service. Many human beings with obesity have experienced, in the meeting with healthcare professionals, not to be understood and not being met with a seriousness that obesity as a chronic and complex disease should impose healthcare professionals to respond accordingly to, which has lead to a degraded treatment environment. It is of paramount importance for us that the contact between the patient and the healthcare professional is with dignity, where the healthcare professional takes responsibility for the obesity treatment that can match the challenges in the patient's life.

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