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The Dr Holm Clinic offers online consultations to everybody outside of Denmark. The Dr Holm Clinic is a private medical doctor operated clinic that offers specified treatment for obesity and its related complications according to the Dr Holm evidence-based treatment model.

The Dr Holm model is not just another short-sighted diet plan, but instead introduce a whole new way of thinking, which disqualify common beliefs like motivational thinking, caloric restriction and small steps approaches. Instead, the patients are taught to understand that the body is governed by an ingenious biological system that defends and preserves fat mass actively. This insight changes everything and directly disqualify motivational thinking, since it is not a question about individual motivation, but rather that the body adapt with a very efficient energy regulation defence that maintains fat mass over time. 

Further, the biological adaptation also means that classical caloric restriction becomes elusive, since the basic metabolic energy consumption is lowered to less than expected during intended weight loss. This results in misinformation to patients e.g. you should restrict your energy intake to a specific level, which actually becomes flawed due to the adaptation with a lower basic metabolic energy expenditure. This means that most often the anticipated negative energy balance is really not negative and will not result in weight loss, which is highly frustrating for patients (and normally also for healthcare professionals). This biological regulation, actively maintaining fat mass, also means that we need to do as much as possible in treatment, since intended weight loss attempts otherwise will be counter regulated.

The Dr Holm model will provide you with a tailormade obesity treatment plan with concrete actions to make in daily life, which in principle include an ad libitum diet though with healthy choices. This provides you with weight management including an improved body composition that will provide you with a better and healthier life. The Dr Holm model is backed by more than 35 peer reviewed international scientific publications.

How can we help you?

If you have overweight or obesity or related complications and needs help, then either our Dr Holm Clinic or our digital products – DrHolmApp.com can help you now. The Dr Holm Clinic offers online consultations with our doctors, nurses, and dieticians. The treatment is evidence-based and not just simple beliefs in motivation or caloric restriction, but instead founded in knowledge, experience and evidence based insights.

We view obesity as 


1) a chronic, relapsing, progressive and serious disease that prompts doctors to take responsibility according to the Hippocratic oath, which simply means that we as health care professionals shall take responsibility of obesity treatment. ​

2) Fat mass is actively regulated by an ingenious neuroendocrine system with the superior consideration to maintain and sustain fat mass over time. Thus, it is not a question of how patients are motivated, instead it is essential to understand that the fat mass is actively prone towards fat mass regain after attempted weight loss. 

3) ​A new communication and pedagogy that inherently reduces shame, blame and thus self-inflicted stigmatisation and discrimination, which overall facilitate ​a bridging of the treatment from the health care professional towards the patient.

Obesity treatment is tailored for your individual challenges and circumstances, which can be either individual single consultations or a 1-year treatment package with our doctors, dieticians and nurses. All treatment contacts are accompanied by our digital system DrHolmApp.com that enables patients to benefit from our relevant services in-between consultations.

Your first consultation

​Your first consultation starts with a thorough review of your daily life and choices in order to provide you with a relevant, comprehensive and efficient treatment plan. Then we measure your height, weight, blood pressure, body composition by impedance in order to evaluate a precise first estimation of the status of your body. In online consultations our international patients are encouraged to have these measures performed at a local doctor or similar solution.

During the consultation, we will elaborate a personalised tailored treatment plan and you will thoroughly be guided in fundamental principles in our evidence-based treatment model. The model contains an in-build process development across consultations that will modify your treatment plan according to your actual and relevant challenges in your daily life.

It is our mutual purpose to make you embrace the treatment plan, improve your body composition by decreasing fat mass and increasing lean mass, improve quality of life and your overall functionality and over time transmit treatment from us to you.

We know that the treatment is lifelong, and that treatment shall continuously adapt to the changes and altering challenges in your life​ combined with the insight that your body continuously will preserve fat mass actively.

Contact us

​Contact us at klinikken@drholm.com if you have questions about the above or want a price list sent to you.

Statements from consultations with Jens-Christian Holm

"I am so thankful after my 1st consultation with Jens-Christian Holm. As you undoubtfully have heard several times, it is crucial for a person living with overweight FINALLY to be heard and seen in the right light – to be taken seriously. Besides defining obesity as a chronic disease, I embraced 2 other take home messages:

  • Jens-Christian, ·you take responsibility, and I 'just' have to follow the treatment plan.
  • ·​Even with 2 other chronic diseases (and thus more challenges), it was also possible for me to have a realistic treatment plan drawn up.

I'm all onboard - have implemented all the points and am full of faith in the impact of the plan. Goodbye to all the unhealthy habits in one go. Jens-Christian, you are quite unique and have developed something unique; I already think you know that, but I still feel a need to give you feedback on your motivation:

  • You are committed, present and seem genuinely interested in me and my special challenges.

  • You communicate at my level rather than a standard lecture; and for people who already know several things from your book, etc. - you do not waste time and start at the right level.

  • Good alternation between 'lecture' / theory and the practical part.

  • Good humor and energy in a wonderful combo with slight confusion and a little crazy in a wonderful way.

  • You really make an impact; you're clearly putting your foot down and now I understand how just one consultation with you can make a difference."

Annette, 54 years old

"My daughter, her father and I went to a consultation with you last Monday.

I just want to tell you a few lines about how my daughter experienced it.
She has previously had to be persuaded to go to consultations, because she doesn’t think it is nice to be told/dictated what she may and may not eat.​
But last Monday we saw a completely different girl after your consultation.

My daughter said, in her own words, that you were tough (in the good way) and that you were honest and that she finally got a clear message in such a way that made her feel good and she was even comfortable with the fact that she has to come back for the next consultation.

To use her own words, she said she thought you were a good doctor and she had great respect for you, because you were honest and helped so many children.
I just think you should know!”
​The S.K. famil​y

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