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Introduction to the Obesity Treatment Tool Pro

Dr Holm Obesity Management Scope

DrHolmApp is an online solution that offers treatment of obesity to people with obesity and have shown weight loss in more than 70% of users in consecutive analyses. Obesity Treatment Tool Pro is a professionalised software that can help not only patients, but also health care professionals to do better with their patients. The Obesity Treatment Tool Pro allows the health care professional to perform obesity treatment at a high competence level and ensures an efficient and mutual relationship between health care professionals and their patients.

Obesity Treatment Tool Pro now comes with the option of video consultations so that you can maintain normal treatment despite circumstances that prevents a physical consultation. In addition, we have implemented BMI SDS (z-score) which enables comparable evaluations of the degree of overweight in children and adolescents during growth and development.

With the Obesity Treatment Tool Pro, you will be able to quickly and safely construct a thorough individual treatment plan with your patient and subsequently treat, guide, monitor and follow the treatment course. You will have access to an elaborate library, which provides details in regards to evidence, research, recommendations, clinical experiences and much more. With the Obesity Treatment Tool Pro, you can make notes during treatment and you can alter the individualised treatment plan at any given point. As a health care professional, you will have access to an online support from our specialists with mail answers normally within 2 days.

With the Obesity Treatment Tool Pro your patients will also have access to their individualised treatment plan, and to the extensive library where the many questions, that often arise during treatment, can be answered. The patients also have access to a personal diary, nutritional and physical activity guidance and access to follow their own development.

As a health care professional, you will be educated with 4 seminars of 1-2 days duration each, which will make the healthcare professional able to understand the complexities of obesity, the new health pedagogy in the Dr Holm model and to be able to convert this knowledge into an improved treatment for the patient. The Obesity Treatment Tool Pro is evaluated to significantly reduce the time spend with your patients.

The Obesity Treatment Tool Pro enables a consistent and thorough understanding of the patient's life and situation, which ensures a proper and efficient individualised treatment plan. Further, the Obesity Treatment Tool Pro ensures that the health care professional achieves a consistent high level of competence and is able to master the complex interactions in obesity treatment. This allows a smooth communication, efficient treatment results and a reduced time consumption.

The Dr Holm model is known to diminish shame, guilt and self-blame in the patients. Through treatment, the meeting with the patients will improve and over time the patients will be more involved and take more responsibility of their own treatment, which increasingly will be controlled by the patient.

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