Jens-Christian Holm has held Masterclasses for a number of years both at home and abroad, most recently for European and American colleagues in 2020.

A Masterclass is typically a review of complicated treatment courses or challenging issues, where the health care professionals come up with suggestions for considerations, assessments, possible treatments, and follow-up, and partly combined with relevant theoretical reviews for the specific issues that the individual cases focus on.

Only a maximum of 4 cases per masterclass will be reviewed.

After each masterclass we ask the health care professionals for a very short anonymous evaluation through SurveyMonkey, and we will appreciate that you give us your feedback.


A Masterclass takes place in an enclosed virtual space, where only guests accepted by Dr Holm can access.

Admission requirements are that you at least have attended the Dr Holm model’s competence development course; Course 1 Introductory course.

Sign up at klinikken@drholm.com

Download instructions / template for presentation of cases here.


Tuesday, June 14 at 14-15 with online access.


Admission is free, but registration is required.

Evaluations from previous Masterclass

Januar 2021​ (danish)

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