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​You are invited to seminars on the method, developed by Associate Professor, Chief Physician, Consultant, PhD Jens-Christian Holm known as Dr Holm, for the treatment of children, adolescents and adults with obesity. Learn how to make height / weight measurements in a proper and safe environment as well as how to talk to people with overweight with a proper, neutral and professional approach.

Seminar 1: Introduction seminar. Definition and prevalence of obesity, disease spectrum, weight regulation, obesity related complications, treatment method including the new pedagogy. The course equips the participants to start treatment for obesity.

Seminar 2: Follow-up seminar where the follow-up treatment is reviewed, including expectations for treatment development, body composition, adjustment of treatment, relapse, drop-out, ethics, normalization, endings and the direct and indirect effects of treatment.

Seminar 3: In depth immersion integration seminar. Nuanced understandings, real empathy.  Flow and rhythm of communication. Authenticity. Self-identification. Challenges and perceptions. Resistance. Authority. The difficult-to-treat patient. Suffering. Perspective. The paradigm shift.

Seminar for the Dr Holm model's pedagogy and communication: Live consultations, video examples, pattern recognition, transcending one's own subjectivity, the star model. Interaction between theory and practice. The seminar is for participants who have completed seminar 1-3.

​​Brush-up seminar: Challenges for the health care professional. The course is for participants who have completed courses 1-3 and who still want to immerse themselves in the treatment method and have their theory refreshed. Among other things, we review the participants' own challenges, triangulation of reality, suffering and necessity. Understanding neuro-endocrine regulation and its significance for communication. Flow and rhythm. How to make the difficult patient easier to treat.

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​The seminars are structured so that after seminar 1 you can start applying the Dr Holm method with the adjacent materials. While developing your own experience, there will be opportunity to participate in the follow-up seminar, Seminar 2, which deals with expectations and adjustment of the treatment, according to challenges, body composition, normalization and end of treatment including dealing with dropouts.
Seminar 3 is a contemplation (in depth) seminar that focuses on the paradigm shift that the Dr Holm model represents and which entails a sophisticated understanding of communication, flow, and rhythm. The Dr Holm model conveys the implementation of direct and indirect effects through a number of strategies, which strive to offer the best possible treatment. The seminar for the Dr Holm model's pedagogy and communication is a practically oriented seminar with a focus on pedagogy and verbal and nonverbal communication, where pattern-recognizing are central key elements in the consultation.

​All seminars are held and lead by Associate Professor, Chief Physician, Consultant, PhD Jens-Christian Holm and co-workers, who have great experience in developing treatment groups in municipalities across the country.

​All seminars are a 2-day seminar with accommodation available, which provides a broad insight into the understanding of the situation of children, adolescents and adults with obesity, including the basis for an effective treatment approach. The Dr Holm model counter several of the most common pedagogical approaches that is commonly expressed in methods like "Small Steps", "You Decide" or treatment models based on motivation. The Dr Holm model has shown outstanding results, both in terms of weight management and maintenance, but also reducing the degree of obesity-related complications, which currently inspires at an international level, and has as an example been shown on BBC World Health Check and on BBC World News.

​The seminars serve both as a starting seminar for health care professionals who have not previously treated patients with obesity but are also relevant to refining the methods of treatment in those already experienced in treating patients with obesity. 

The Dr Holm model is a complex communicative and pedagogical discourse that integrates a Hippocratic oath-based responsibility for a multi-complex disease system, which is often underestimated and incorrectly classified as, for example, a behaviorist treatment model.
The Dr Holm model is a caring mindset that carefully focuses on the best for the patient based on the patient's disease presentation and individual challenges, and contributes directly to reducing guilt, shame and self-blame and indirectly reduces stigma and discrimination.
It is our years of experience that a thorough education over time is necessary to be able to reap the results that our evidence shows and the built-in pedagogical benefits, which provide a better understanding of both patient and healthcare professionals and thus improve the processes in the Dr Holm model. ​

Quotes from seminar participants

"The DR HOLM METHOD IS "THE BEST FOR THE CHILD". A paradigm shift in relation to understanding obesity! Obesity is to be understood as a chronic disease".

Helle Bovbjerg, Nurse, Glostrup Municipality

Seminar 3, November, 2020

"It has been really nice to have more knowledge expanding the understanding of the method. Great that it has been so close to practice! I feel well dressed to get back to work on Monday and help my students lose weight :-) ".

Nanna S. Bech, Nurse, Treatment Schools

Seminar 2, October 2020

"Paradigm shift - the complexity is total!

The Best for the Child is revolutionary! Now the National Board of Health also just needs to understand that obesity is a disease! ".

Helle Bovbjerg, health nurse, Glostrup Municipality

Seminar 2, October 2020

"The seminar provides a thorough and comprehensive understanding of how to understand obesity and how we can best help patients".

Hanne Løkling, Clinical Nutrition Physiologist.

Seminar 3, Alna, January 2020

“High professional quality. It is research-based and at the same time understandable. Pieces fell into place in Course 3”.

Seminar 3, Alna, January 2020

"I feel more confident and I feel more confident in my own professionalism after the course. It was good to discuss difficult issues and how to read it. It is well professionally documented and I have good faith in the method".

Anna Solberg Myrvold, physiotherapist

Seminar 3, Alna, January 2020

“Thorough and good explanation of the research behind the method. Very good support in how to communicate well with families and users. Has made me heavier professionally and more directly in my communication".

Kristian Heflo, Physiotherapist

Seminar 3, Alna, January 2020

"Was a little skeptical about the method before the course but has after the first module been convinced that it is respectful in relation to the patient / family. It seems simple and professional".

Gitte S. Andersen, Nurse, Brøndby Municipality

Seminar 1, January 2020

"Fantastic course, great insight into what obesity is, really good tools, guided in becoming more authoritarian. All in all, a recommended course, which to that extent has shifted my preconceptions and future way of acting / treating".

Kiki Helle-Pedersen, Nurse, Solrød Municipality

Seminar 1, January 2020


"Important background knowledge for the work with obesity. The great evidence behind the Dr Holm model motivates the work with child obesity and is a great inspiration for how it can be tackled".

Seminar at Copenhagen Health Care, November 2019

"Good with repetitions in relation to fat mass regulation / The Best For the Child / Obesity is a disease. Really nice with current cases both from Holbæk, but also from the participants' practice".

Trine Markussen, Nurse, Thisted Municipality

Seminar 2, October 2019

"Really good at talking about experiences and ways to talk to families about specific aspects. Focus on us as therapists".

Jane Winther Pedersen, Nurse, Greve Municipality

Seminar 2, October 2019​

"Very concrete, useful tool to take back to work. Simple and straightforward. Good for conveying the exciting".

Anne Sofie Sparboom

Seminar 1, August 2019

”It was very impressive! Thank you a lot Jens-Christian and your lovely team for your course! I received a lot of useful, interesting and exiting information. I will use all received information!”.

Dr. Elena Bogova, MD PhD, Russia, Seminar 1, Copenhagen March 2019

”Very interesting course. Thank you!”.

Dr. Pavel Okorokov, MD PhD, Russia, Seminar 1, Copenhagen March 2019

”I’d like to be one more time!”

Dr. Olga Vaskyukova, MD PhD, Russia, Seminar 1, Copenhagen March 2019


Dr. Madalina Indrie, Romania Seminar 1, Copenhagen March 2019


Ellen Kathrine Arve,

Seminar 1, February 2019

“A whole new way for me to understand why it is so difficult to treat obesity, but now I can do it concretely and feel well equipped to get started. It makes up for many years of thinking and learning. Has learned a "new art" and will in future be clearer and more professional".

​Sussi Holm, Pediatric Practice Nurse, Odense

​Course October 1, 2016

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