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​You are invited to courses on the method, developed by Associate Professor, Chief Physician, Consultant, PhD Jens-Christian Holm known as Dr Holm, for the treatment of children, adolescents and adults with obesity. Course 1 is an introductory course. Course 2 is a follow-up course, while Course 3 is an in-depth integration course.

Course 1: Introduction course. Definition and prevalence of obesity. Obesity related complications, disease spectrum and treatment method including the new pedagogy.

Course 2: Follow-up course. Body composition, expectations for treatment development, relapse, drop-out, ethics, success, direct and indirect effects of treatment.

Course 3: In depth integration course. Nuanced understandings, real empathy, authenticity, self-identification, challenges and perceptions, resistance, authority, the difficult patient with obesity, suffering, perspective and the paradigm shift.

Brush-up course: Challenges for the health care professional. Triangulation of reality, suffering and necessity. Neuro-endocrine implications in communication and understanding. Rhytm and flow in communication. How to make the difficult patient easier to treat.

The courses are structured so that after course 1 you can start applying the Dr Holm method with the adjacent materials. While developing your own experience, there will be opportunity to participate in the follow-up course, Course 2, which deals with expectations and adjustment of the treatment, according to challenges, body composition, normalization and end of treatment including dealing with dropouts.
Course 3 further cements the Dr Holm model that focuses on the paradigm shift that the method entails, which include a sophisticated understanding of communication, flow and rhytm involving deeper direct and indirect implications with strategies as how to convey the best possible treatment. dynamics with indirect effects and strategies as how to convey the best possible treatment.

All courses are held and lead by either Associate Professor, Chief Physician, Consultant, PhD Jens-Christian Holm or MD PhD Cilius E. Fonvig and nurse Rikke Melskens, who have great experience in developing treatment groups in municipalities across the country.

All courses are a 2 day course with accommodation available, which provides a broad insight into the understanding of the situation of children, adolescents and adults with obesity, including the basis for an effective treatment approach. The Dr Holm model counter several of the most common pedagogical approaches that is commonly expressed in methods like "Small Steps", "You Decide" or treatment models based on motivation. The Dr Holm model has shown outstanding results, both in terms of weight loss and weight maintenance, but also reducing the degree of obesity-related complications, which currently inspires at an international level, and has as an example been shown on BBC World Health Check and on BBC World News.

The courses function both as a starting course for health care professionals who have not previously treated patients with obesity, but are also relevant to refining the methods of treatment in those already experienced in treating patients with obesity. The courses exhibit practical examples and alternate with the theory underlying the practical aaproaches. This gives the participants a unique chance of being able to relate theory into practice

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Quotes from course participants

”It was very impressive! Thank you a lot Jens-Christian and your lovely team for your course! I received a lot of useful, interesting and exiting information. I will use all received information!”

Dr. Elena Bogova, MD PhD, Russia, Seminar 1, Copenhagen March 2019

”Very interesting course. Thank you!”

Dr. Pavel Okorokov, MD PhD, Russia, Seminar 1, Copenhagen March 2019

”I’d like to be one more time!”

Dr. Olga Vaskyukova, MD PhD, Russia, Seminar 1, Copenhagen March 2019


Dr. Madalina Indrie, Rumania Seminar 1, Copenhagen March 2019

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